Blowing minds and blowing eardrums, leaving a trail of chicken bones and crushed beer cans in our wake.  Thank you, Eugene Symphony, for a classy evening.



Let’s get Folked Up. Tonight down at Ye Ole’ Sam Bond’s, kicking off the album release of Ky Burt’s new record.


Wingnuts will be bringing the funk (and by funk, I mean folk) to the Hult Center lobby this Saturday at 5:30 while people grease their gears before the classic music begins. Don’t be late!


Wingnuts and King Columbia @ Kelly’s Olympian. Bring a clean pair of pants to this party cause you’re gonna. . .have yourself a pile of GOOD CLEAN FUN



This Saturday, 8/15, Wingnuts are bringing the funk to Bier One in Newport at 8:00. The poster is a metaphor for how Giant-Banjo Corporations are the ones behind the curtain pulling the strings of our elections and our riffs.



In the tiny font right next to Jason F***ing Webley! 11:00 Sunday on the Blue Moon Stage.



Agrarian Ales Friday June 19th 5:00!

nuts in june


Fighting valiantly against the honking of a million marching bands and bagpipers at the illustrious Folk Life Festival in Seattle.